Technical parameters of ventilated facades

Technical parameters of ventilated facades

The fixing system of company VESPOL INVEST is an optimum solution of elevation for all the categories of buildings together with living, commercial and public utilities.

1. Thermal insulation – warmth

Cumulating of warmth inside the building on hot days can be reduced thanks to combined activity of thermal insulation and ventilated curtain.

2. Thermal insulation – cold

Insulation layer and ventilated curtain optimise thermal functioning of the building, thanks to what they reduce costs of energy consumption.

3. Technology of rain shields

The curtain due to ventilated cover protects the walls against water absorbing.

4. Draining of steam

Ventilated curtain connected with steam-permeable insulation layer enables draining the steam from the wall until it is dried.

5. Thermal expansion of supportive framework

The fixing system of company VESPOL INVEST is designed in such a way it can compensate movements of the construction resulting from its expanding under heat influence.

6. Anti-fire safety

The components of VESPOL INVEST as well as facing material are inflammable.

7. Acoustic insulation

The layer of thermal insulation made of mineral fibre additionally reduces noises.

8. Distance between elevation and wall systems of VESPOL

Series of anchor types of 40-300 mm length enables to use insulation layer with various thickness as well as creating on elevation architectonic elements projecting up to 300 mm from the wall. When larger distance is necessary we propose individual solutions.