Advantages of ventilated facades

Advantages of ventilated facades …

the systems provide excellent thermal insulation of the building os well os significant improvement of thermal comfort of rooms,

ventilating system enables removal of diffusion steam from the whole surface of building outside walls causing increase of lifetime due to elimination of moisture influence on building construdional elements,

aluminium supportive framework enables using the ventilated elevation for buildings with skeletal construdion, both ironconcrete and steel, also when outer walls are mode of notbearing filling materials e.g. ”Porotherm” or ”YTONG” type,

possibility of using insulation materials of optional thickness, enables to achieve in all types of buildings warm penetration coefficients meeting the most severe norms, and thus saves the costs for the heating of building,

high resistance of natural and artificial stone facings to aggressive atmosphere influence, all used materials are made of stainless steel,

the system of elevation assembly enables most untypical facades with complicated forms with usage of ony quantity of natural stone or gres sorts in dimensions according to the architectonical project and the offer of manufacturers,

the system VESPOL FIX enables using of stone boards with 2 cm thickness, what in comparison with traditional stone fixing with anchors, decreases elevation weight by 30-50% and also signi- ficantly decreases the purchase price of the stone,

the system of company VESPOL INVEST enables to shorten construction time also assembly works can be conducted in bad weather conditions,

Besides the above mentioned advantages the company VESPOL INVEST ensures high level of assembly works performed by the best specialists, exact optical measurements with eledronic results treatment, computerised working out of technical documentation and excellent organisation of executed works. We hope our offer will find your interest.

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