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The ceramic goods made of the natural clay belong to the oldest mankind technical tradition. The facade ceramic tiles
is the classical material in the modern form, have been produced according to the traditional formulas for over 100 years.
The ceramic tiles are produced of the clay. The natural colour is made thanked to traditional baking and material impregnating techniques, without adding synthetic pigments. Treated with acid and impregnated with silicon emulsion, the external ceramics face protects the material against the durable absorption of dirt. This material is ibreathingî n the absorbed water steam
is then expelled outside releasing the tile from the contaminations gathered in it. It ensures to keep aesthetic aspects for long-term usage.
Thanks to their aesthetic values and production possibility according to individual orders, cotto tiles are perfectly suitable
for facade execution with application of ornaments, special finishing or sun-shields. The ventilated facade of cotto tiles
is made on the aluminium or steel carrying grid to which the specially-formed ceramic elements are fastened.
Depending on the type of tile, to its fastening there are used connectors, mandrels or profiles.
The tile fastening must ensure the self-reliance of every individual element of the facing, both on the remaining tiles
and on the carrying grid, to which they are fastened. It is done by using joints (breaks) with the width from 5-12mm
at the each side of the tile, which apart from the division emphasizing effect, gives the self-reliance on the thermal expansion of the sub-construction as well as the building settlement. The ventilated facade of cotto tiles ensures n both in the new designed and renovated buildings n the thermal protection, protection against the precipitation, the noise and the moistness
of circumferential walls. The standard goods for application in the designs of ventilated facades are the tiles with the following dimensions (cm): 50x30x2,5; 50x25x2,5 special profiles 50×14,5×5; 50×14,5×10; louvres 50×6,3×3,2; 50x5x5.
Note! before designing the facade division, please contact us in order to confirm the currently produced dimensions,
because they can differ from the above mentioned. The different shapes and dimensions of special tiles can be also available on your individual request. Vespol Invest Sp. z o.o. will help you at the tile selection, solutions of their fastening,
supply and complex assembly of the ceramic facade.
Enclosed in the photographs, you will find exemplary facades made of Cotto tiles, of Italian company Sannini Impruneta.

  • Rivet (P)
  • Supporting section (R)
  • Facing clip (S)
  • Facing slab COTTO (T)
  • Self-cutting pin (U)
  • Beam hanger (V)
  • Anchoring element-dowel (W)

Vertical section

Horizontal section